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Wives   Who

With The Warring Wives  Pedagogy

"I help women overcome rejection and past trauma so they can walk in their true purpose as warring wives".

Are you ready to learn what it really means to be a Kingdom Wife? 


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What my Mentees are  saying...

Wives Who War Academy is the course I did not know that I needed it! I learned Kingdom principles about proper communication, intimacy, submission and so much more. Doing the homework that the instructor gave us was very helpful to begin implementing what I learned.

I know that there is purpose in being a kingdom wife and I just wish all wives knew how valuable we are to the marriage and family.

-Andrea Johnson

The courses helped me to cancel out lies about such things like submission and what that really looks like in the Spirit realm. The material provided challenged me to submit to God's word and not my feelings (even if I'm right at times lol). I learned the benefits of marriage and that there are special blessings that God has designated for marriages. I learned that my prayers are more powerful than my Husband's Mother's prayers for him. The benefit of this class is that I did not know my true power as a wife who wars in the Spirit.

-Lea Lewis

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