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Time to War for Your Marriage

We have victory over our marriage, we are mighty wives in battle and how we fight is through prayer! Join us for our weekly prayer call as we use the weapon that God has given us to go to battle on behalf of our marriages and our families. 


Thank you for visiting Warring Wives!

I have been on the journey of finding my identity as a wife for a while now. I am excited to finally realize that my wifely identity doesn’t lie within how good I look, how well I cook, or any of the world's definitions of what a wife should be.  I know my Identity as a wife is in Christ and Him alone. I pray that you’ll be encouraged as we shed light on what the true role of a wife is.

Hey, I'm Ebony

Join the Battle 

Are you having issues knowing where to start when it comes to praying? Grab this FREE Women Who War Prayer Guide and start taking the steps to increasing your prayer life and warring for your marriage and family!

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